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We mourn the demise of  Dr.Smitha Mary Rockey who was  Treasurer, ACM

Staff is symbolic of power and it represents stability. Wings represent swiftness (quick action) and ability to soar (watchful).

Serpent is a sign of wisdom. The two serpents represent the curative and preventive aspects of microbial diseases.
Microscope represents the branch of Medicine - Microbiology. The opened book represents dissemination of knowledge and
the Globe represents the extent of the Organisation. The three letters ACM - represent the abbreviation of
“Academy of Clinical Microbiologists”.
Dr.Jayaram Panicker, doyen of Microbiology, former Professor and Head of the Dept. of Microbiology and former Principal, Calicut Medical College, Calicut, Kerala. 
Sir, we read your books and are enlightened to follow the path of science with an unfailing scientific temper. Your books are followed all over India and are appreciated for its concise and useful mode of presentation ,both for undergraduates and post-graduates