Workshops on 3rd August, 7th Triennial conference of ACM

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Antibiotic Susceptibility testing and interpretation
Dr.Kavita Raja and Dr.Sohanlal
Sree Chitra Tirunal Instt &
Testing susceptibility to antibiotics, its reading and reporting are getting more and more complicated.
Your patient's survival depends on accurate results from your lab.
Learn how to make your testing accurate, your interpretation correct and report with confidence to save a life.
Join this workshop if you have doubts about CLSI, dosing of antibiotics, interesting patterns of resistance seen and how antibiotics interact in different astounding ways.
All your questions answered, interact with experts in the field and make your career more fulfilling as a clinical microbiologist, the liaison between the lab and the clinician.

Unusual and interesting fungal isolates
Dr.Rema Devi S
Professor and HOD
Department of Microbiology
Dr.SMCSI Medical College, Karakonam

Fungi remain mysterious with their tantalising names ,unusual varied structures and difficult to treat infections.
Unlock methods to accurate identification in a methodical manner.
Let experts guide your efforts to diagnose and treat fungal infections
See the astonishing variety of the flora of the microbial world in this workshop.
Tuberculosis ,the frontiers of diagnosis
Dr.Gomathi NS,
Scientist C
 NIRT, Chennai

As Tuberculosis treatment enters new vistas, diagnosis is also catching up with newer and more rapid methods.
Explore molecular methods, susceptibility testing, HPLC  for atypical mycobacteria and more
Crack the problem you face daily with the knowledge gained on methods most likely to suit your needs at this workshop.